Time Management Is DEAD!

The Pace and Complexity of Life Demands a Different Approach

Control Your Attention, Control Your Life

Are you or your staff overwhelmed? Stressed Out? Too much to do?

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the constant influx of e-mail and reminders, not to mention calendar alerts, to-do lists, miscellaneous paper, and sticky notes?   Factor in the learning curve on all the new software, apps and devices that are supposed to make us more efficient and it’s easy to feel like a slave to our own technology and our inbox.

An approach to personal productivity relevant to modern demands...

Creator of the Empowered Productivity System
- Maura Thomas

Maura Nevel Thomas is an award-winning international trainer, speaker, and thought-leader on productivity, attention management, and effectiveness, and a 20+ year veteran of the industry.  She speaks and trains for clients such as the American Heart Association, Honeywell, Vistage, Dell, and L'Oreal. She is a TEDx Speaker, founder of Regain Your Time.com, author of two books on the topic, and creator of the Empowered Productivity™ System, a process for managing the details of life and work that helps people take control of their busy lives so that they can achieve their significant results. Maura is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review and her work has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including Fast Company, Entrepreneur, the Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

Gain Control of your life with Empowered Productivity!

Given all the external demands for our attention and all the internal demands we put on ourselves, it’s easy to see why many people feel overwhelmed and not in control of their own lives.

In the twenty-first century, “time management” and “information management” are no longer as important as attention management. Can you picture what your life would be like if you stopped being reactive and started giving the majority of your focus and attention to the meaningful stuff?

Empowered Productivity is an online training I developed to help people just like you take control of their busy lives so that they achieve their significant results. The training is delivered online in 5 easy-to-digest modules that you can work through on-demand and at your own pace.

Empowered Productivity Part 1: Attention Management

Participants will learn:

  • Clarity around “productivity” to make it relevant and useful
  • Why “attention management” is more important than time management
  • A key success factor, and how to harness it to achieve results
  • The most important business skill for the 21st century
  • The common habits that sabotage productivity and attention
  • Four specific techniques to replace these sabotaging behaviors and support productivity and attention instead
  • The truth about multitasking
  • Are you giving yourself ADD?
  • What it means to be “empowered” over your productivity

Empowered Productivity Part 2: Action Management

Participants will learn:

  • The four quadrants of workflow, and how to manage each
  • Avoiding the “Lion Syndrome”
  • Self-assessment questions to regain control and evaluate your progress
  • The five ways to organize, and the most effective application of each
  • How to regain control over your responsibilities so that you can be consistently proactive

Empowered Productivity Part 2: Action Management (continued)

Participants will learn:

  • The seven categories for managing action
  • Recommended tools (such as Microsoft Outlook, smartphones, tablets) and their appropriate use
  • How to make the most effective use of these technology tools.
  • The five components of a good PIM (Personal Information Manager)
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • The only way to prioritize that works
  • Getting starting with the first step

Empowered Productivity Part 3: Information Management

Participants will learn:

  • The three reasons for clutter
  • How to regain control and banish physical and electronic clutter for good
  • Three kinds of files for an organized office
  • The T.E.S.S.T. Process for zapping procrastination, preventing clutter, and making progress

Empowered Productivity Part 4: Communication Management

Participants will learn:

  • A useful, repeatable system for preventing bottlenecks and successfully managing communication
  • The 3 step process for staying on top of email
  • What messages to keep and what to delete, and when
  • A methodology to get to a “zero” inbox every day, starting on training day
  • Techniques for more effective calendar use
  • An ongoing process to stay on top of things and in control

Real Success From Real Clients...

The Empowered Productivity concepts have been taught and applied to powerful results by thousands of people in hundreds of  businesses and educational institutions including VMWare, the McCombs School of Business, CUNA Mutual,  The American Academy of Dermatology, Delta Dental, and others.  This content has been featured in hundreds of prestigious publications such as NPR, the Business Journal, Harvard Business Review, Health Magazines, Entrepreneur.com, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and US News & World Report, to name a few.

Chris Justice

  The value this training provides isn’t measured in dollars, but in peace of mind.

Christopher Justice, Sparksight

I’ve been using the Empowered Productivity System for several years now and I realized it’s not just about Sarah Remmertwork, but it’s about keeping organized in your entire life. I am so grateful for that because I had no idea how life changing it would be for me.

Sarah Remmert, University of Texas, San Antonio

The first week after implementing [what I learned], Mike CarrI tracked a 30% increase in my productivity! 

Mike Carr, The Consistency Initiative

I did find your training extremely valuable and it has absolutely changed the way I work.  I am more organized and I am accomplishing a lot more day in and day out for myself, my team and the organization as a whole.  I’ve made meetings more impactful, I’ve managed my emails better, I have been able to more effectively work through multiple projects simultaneously and still get normal day to day activities done. Thanks again!

Sue Godfrey, CUNA Mutual Group

timI knew Maura was smart, & I knew she spoke well, but I’ve never spent 4 hours listening to such outstanding, how-to information that will make my life, my work, I know already, 125 times better…A truly, truly valuable learning experience!

Tim Wright, Wright Results

You brought light into my world! Everyone is talking about the training you did for us. Thank you, thank you! Dennise Jackson

Dennise Jackson, Texas CASA

Prior to [Empowered Productivity training] I had read every time management book on the market…I hadKen Kuznia even hired a time management coach. Some of it made sense, but the implementation was difficult, and I pretty much ended up back in the same old place: working a lot of hours, and not as productive as I wanted to be. Maura’s paradigm shift from “time management” to attention management was such a breakthrough for me. I not only accomplished more in the first four weeks after the training than I had in the previous four to five months, but I literally doubled my revenue–I DOUBLED what I made in those first four weeks over the prior four to five months. [Empowered Productivity] makes sense, it works, and I cleared up a ton of my time. I work less hours and I’ve got a lot more free mental space. I can’t even express how much of a time saver it’s been, how much I believe in this material, and how it has made such a big difference. I encourage you to check it out.

Ken Kuznia, Point Blank Recruiting

Give yourself the gift of strategic focus today!

Very few things in life can have as great an impact as being able to focus your attention toward the things that matter most to you.

With this step-by-step training you will quickly gain the skills and the tools to empower your productivity.  This training is only offered to the general public on occasion and the opportunity purchase the course is for a limited time and to a select number of students.

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